Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more information about Flamingo Care?

You can call our office at 305-654-7900, or visit our office located on 1270 NE 174th Street. You may want to check out our contact page more details.


What is the criteria for my loved one to live at Flamingo Care?

Your loved one would need assistance with one or more activities of daily living, which includes eating, dressing, Bathing and medication management.


Does Flamingo Care accept someone who has Dementia and / or Alzheimer Disease?

Yes, Flamingo Care has specially adapted programming for such residents.


Does Flamingo Care accept someone with diabetes?

Yes, Flamingo Care provides specifically dietician approved meals not only for diabetes residents, but also for other requirements as well, for example: no or low salt, no or low sugar.


Does Flamingo Care provide a kosher diet?

Yes, The Flamingo Care is a glatt kosher facility.


Can Flamingo Care provide a gluten free diet?

Yes, Flamingo Care can provide a gluten free diet.


Does Flamingo Care provide heart-healthy diets?

Yes, all of our meals are heart-healthy and approved by a dietician.


How old do you have to be to reside in your Assisted Living Facility?

One must be at least 18 years of age to join our assisted living.


Does one need a physician’s examination prior to residing at Flamingo Care?

Yes, we prefer an exam prior to your loved one coming to us, however it can be done within one month of residing here.


Can my loved one have a psychiatric diagnosis and still come to your facility?

Yes, depending on the severity of the condition.


How much does Flamingo Care cost?

The cost depends on the type of care needed. We will work with you to find the right payment plan for you.


Does Flamingo Care accept PRIVATE PAYING residents?

Yes we do and the payments can be a combination of social security, savings, pension and family support.


Does Flamingo Care accept VETERANS BENEFITS?

Yes and the requirements are:

  • Level of disability Served during wartime era
  • Minimum military service requirement (90 days)
  • Income (Asset threshold requirement of $80,000 and under)
  • Additional requirements for surviving spouse benefit



Does Flamingo Care accept LONG TERM CARE (LTC) Insurance?


  • Policies and benefits vary depending on age and medical history.
  • Resident must show proof to monthly Insurance company of services rendered.
  • Monthly reimbursement made directly to Resident and Resident reimburses facility (similar to private pay).

Does Flamingo Care accept ASSISTED CARE SERVICES (ACS)?

Yes, we do. This is a Medicaid-based, state plan that provides care to eligible recipients who require an integrated set of Services on a 24- hour-per day basis. ACS recipients must demonstrate functional deterioration that makes it medically necessary for them to live on a supportive setting and receive integrated services, whether scheduled or unscheduled.



  • Age 18 and older
  • Assessed by a physician or health care practitioner as needing at least two of the four ACS components (for example, assistance with ADL’s or Medication Management, etc.)


  • Eligible for Medicaid based on participation in the SSI program or
  • Eligible for Medicaid through MEDS_AD program- INDIVIDUAL $808.00/MO. Income plus a $20 disregard; $5000 assets -COUPLE $1070/mo. Income: $6000 assets
  • Billed at a daily rate for days the recipient receives services in the facility. Daily rate for ACS is $9.28 per day, for a total of $278.40 for a 30-day month together with the resident’s payment for room and board. The reimbursement to the facility would be at least $866.80 (amounts subject to change).



Does Flamingo Care accept ALE Waiver (Assisted Living for the Elderly Program)?

Yes we do. The Assisted Living for the Elderly (ALE) Waiver is a home and community-based program for recipients who reside in quialified assisted living facilities. The waiver covers three services:

  • Case management
  • Assisted living and if needed
  • Incontinence supplies


  • 65 and over; 60 to 64 are determined disabled according to SS Standards
  • Assistance with ADL’s (level of care determined through CARES assessment)
  • Diagnosis of degenerative or chronic mental illness which requires nursing services that could not be provided in standard ALF


  • Medicaid eligibility at Institutional Care Placement (ICP) Level:
  • Inaidual – $2022/mo. income $2000 assets
  • Couple – $4044/mo. income $3000 assets
  • ALE Waiver does not reimburse facilities for room and board. DCF establishes the amount allowed for room and board for consumers who are served by Florida’s OSS Program.
  • Medicaid reimburses for assisted living services on a daily rate for each day the inaidual is receiving services In the facility, plus incontinence supplies if applicable. Currently, the maximum daily rate of assisted living services is $32.20, and the monthly maximum for incontinence supplies is $125.00 (amount are subject to change)




Nursing Home Diversion Program (LTCCDP(started in 1998 in Orlando- Evercare was the original provider. Designed to provide home and community based services to those who would otherwise qualify for medicaid Nursing Home placement. Managed Care Organizations and other qualified providers enter into a contract with the state and receive a payment to provide, and to manage and also coordinate a qualified person’s full care.



  • 65 and over
  • Assistance with ADL’s (level of care determined through CARES assessment)


  • Medicaid eligibility at Institutional Care Placement (ICP) Level
  • Inaidual – $2022/mo. income $2000 assets
  • Couple – $4044/mo. income $3000 assets
  • Room and board rates agreed upon when contracting with provider (DCF does not set this rate). ALF’s bill contracted providers directly. Reimbursement rates to facilities vary from provider



What kind of care staff is at your facility?

We hire only the best for our facility. We have certified nurses, registered nurses.


Do you offer on-site services?

Yes, we have a visiting doctor, occupational therapist, physical therapist , activities therapist, pet therapist, music therapist.


What kind of activites are at your facility?

We are always in action !! We have a wide variety of activities.

  • Inside Activities Include: – Arts and crafts, Games, Beading, Glueing, Dancing, Jazzercise, Dancing, Exercise, Sewing, Music, Dancing, Reading groups, Book reviews, Puzzles, Sitting Thi-Chi, Chair exercises, Cooking, Baking.
  • Outside Activities – Walking, Gardening, Go to the beach, Go to the mall, Restaurants, Concerts, Theaters, Movies, Stores/shopping, Library, Visiting.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we provide or arrange transportation for you.


Do you have ramps for wheelchairs at your facility?

Yes, we have ramps inside as well as outside.


Can your residents use your phones to make calls?

Our residents can use our house phones whenever they please. They would need a prepaid calling card only for international calls. All domestic calls are free.


When can we visit our loved ones at your facility?

You can visit anytime.


Can we take our family member out for the day?

You can “sign out” and take them out for any length of time. Be sure you have all their necessary medications with you and that you are aware when to give it to them.


Can we join them for a meal at your facility?

You can always join us for a healthy meal, but of course there is a charge for it.


What kind of room do you provide?

We have single and double occupancy, in a newly renovated, clean nicely decorated, comfortable room. Each room has a newly renovated private bathroom.


Do you provide a bed and furniture?

Our rooms have new beds and furniture, however if the resident wants “something from home”, We will work with you to try and bring it in. (KNICK-KNACKS AND MEMEORABILIA ARE IMPORTANT ITEMS TO MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME).


What is your laundry policy?

We provide once a week in-house laundry services.


Who cleans our loved ones’ room?

We provide housekeeping services. Our facility is newly renovated and decorated. We take pride in keeping our place and rooms spotlessly clean and nice smelling.


What kind of community interaction is there?

We are in the midst of a very vibrant, involved community. Our youths from various private schools come and spend time with our residents. They do crafts together, go for walks, bring their young siblings to visit and sometimes just provide companionship.


Can one observe their faith while residing at Flamingo Care?

Absolutely!!! There are number of synagogues and churches nearby. We encourage residents to go and observe their faith as well as to attend lectures and activities with-in their religious circle. Our facility provides Glatt Kosher food and observes the Sabbath.

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