Types of Care


Oh what fun !!! We certainly keep everyone busy!!! Walks, dancing, music, bingo,puzzles, arts and crafts, pets, baking, and socializing, Trips to the theater, to the mall, to the beach, to stores and shopping, to lectures, concerts, book reviews, and to the library. We go out to eat. We visit family and friends.


Adult Day Care Programs

We provide Activities for our residents as well as for those who come to us for our Adult Day Care Programs. These programs are geared to be physically and mentally challenging and stimulating at various cognitive levels.


Alzheimer’s Care

Our Alzheimer Care is superb. Our caring and specialized staff have the utmost patience and warmth.


Assisted Living Services

Flamingo Care Assisted Living provides in-house as well as out- sourced Assisted Living Services.



Our Caregivers are trained, skilled and licensed. We make sure we hire honest, warm, caring, giving, patient Caregivers.


Dementia Care

We can give your loved one the necessary personal care, warmth and guidance to obtain a full active day.



Making sure that our residents have a healthy mouth is very important. Whatever Dental Service one might need, we are quick to accommodate you.


Educational Services

Being centrally community based our residents can attend various educational functions for their personal growth as well as for their pleasure.


Elder Care

We are associated with the Elder Care Services with many beneficial opportunities.


Elderly Jewish Programs

These are available to our residents.



Taking walks along our beautiful and peaceful tree-lined canal (only a block away from our facility) is an enjoyable and healthy way to Exercise. We also offer dancing and indoor Exercising Activities.



Our residents always look their best. We regularly take them to get a manicure and/or pedicure and we also take a trip to the beauty & hair salons.


Healthy Meals

We provide 3 healthy, nutritious, meals (glatt kosher)and 3 healthy snacks also. We respect our residents personal tastes and will consult with each one about their likes and dislikes. We work with a licensed dietician for full approval on all menus. We accommodate the individuals medical condition and therefore will prepare meals with restrictions like low or no salt, no gluten, no or low sugar, no soy or wheat or whatever our residents medical professional advises.


Home Care Services

coming soon…


Hospice Care

We can offer you Hospice Care in our facility, with our warm and caring staff.


Housing Services

Stay with us at Flamingo Care whenever the need arises, whether a day, week, month or longer.


In Your Home Services

coming soon…


Independent Living

We respect our resident and try to keep them as independent as possible.


Kosher Food Kitchen

Our food is the highest quality and personally managed as a glatt kosher kitchen.


Laundry Services

Flamingo Care will take care of all of your laundry needs. Washing, drying, folding and putting away, as well as making sure all of your personal belongings are returned to the correct resident and that everything is in good condition.


Long Term Care

We can care for your loved one on a long term basis. Let us be the one to help them with their daily activities as well as their personal daily living.


Medication Supervision

We take the up-most care and supervision with our residents medication. Everything is logged and checked to make sure your loved one is properly medicated. We constantly check with their personal care physician to make sure there are no side effects, and that the doses are correct and not over or under prescribed.



If one is able to handle their own finances, then all the better! However if someone needs assistance, then we carefully log your Personal finances and make sure you have spending money when you go out.


On Site Services

We provide many On Site Services. Occupational therapy,physical therapy, music and dancing therapy, pet therapy, doctors visits, nursing care and much more are right here at Flamingo Care.


Personal Assistant Services

If someone requires extra help on a daily basis, Flamingo Care will assist you in finding the right person.


Rehabilitation Services

Our facility is supremely capable in caring for a resident who requires Rehabilitation Services.


Respite Care

Let us give you a little break in caring for your loved one. They can be with us for as long as you like.


Retirement Living

A perfect way to retire and not have to worry about cooking, laundry, cleaning and about which medications to take and when.


Senior Living

The best way for seniors to live in a safe, carefree environment.


Short Term Care

Lets us care for your loved one for as short or as long a time needed.


Skilled Nursing

We have skilled nurses caring for our residents, making sure they maintain their physical as well as mental well-being.



We maintain a friendly atmosphere here at our facility. Our residents interact with one another. Since we are in the heart of a wonderful neighborhood, many of the youth from our neighboring private schools come and spend time with our residents. They go for walks together, just sit and talk or play games with each other, and will even do craft projects together- ALL IN A FUN ENVIRONMENT.



There are many synagogues and churches in our area. We can arrange for our residents to attend them if they so choose to.


Transportation Services

We offer Transportation Services for our residents, whether they need to go for a doctors visit or to the theater or mall.


Walking Aids

Wheelchairs, electric or manual, walkers, canes whatever one may need- we can get for you without a hassle.


Weekly House Keeping

We maintain a beautiful, clean, warm atmosphere in our facility.

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